Indication: SCI
Level of Injury:
C-5 and C-6
Cause: Automobile accident
Age at Onset: 28

Travis Oldhouser was a 28-year-old triathlete, sitting in rush hour traffic on the Washington, D.C. Beltway, when he was rear-ended by a minivan five years ago. “I’m 6” 4”, too tall to really be in a wheelchair,” he says wryly. But the handsome, muscular guy with the spiky blonde hair and quick smile quickly adds: “When a cure comes, my muscles will be ready.”

He discovered the RT300 in April, 2006, on a video conference seminar at the Hershey Medical Center that featured Dr. John McDonald. “I wanted the physical stimulation. I had been working out my upper body, but it was all passive conditioning, with no resistance.” The RT300 not only offered critical resistance and automatic progression, but proved to be more practical than other devices. “I can use it at home, don’t have to get out of my chair, and I could definitely travel with it.”

A member of Philadelphia’s Magee Eagles – Division II quad rugby’s defending national champs – Travis says the physical benefits have been inarguable. “I have tone back in my legs. Spasticity in my lower extremities has decreased. It’s helped with my bowel program. My circulation is better. I don’t have water build-up around my ankles. And I get that great out-of-breath cardio feeling.”

Today, Travis is a personal trainer with a preference for working with disabled people. “I see a lot of people in wheelchairs who don’t do anything,” he grimaces. “It’s a crime. I’ll tell you, the RT300 gets my endorphins moving big time, like I got when I ran. It clears my mind, lets me think.”

Travis also pursues a passion for high-performance sports cars. He currently drives a Mercedes SL600 with hand controls that he intends to race on the track.

“I want to get sensation or function back. Any little bit would be nice. The more active I am, the lower the spasticity, the less likely I am to get infections. It makes life so much more manageable. And I feel a lot better about my appearance."

“In fact,” he adds, “I actually get compliments on my legs now.”