Diagnosis: Stroke
Age at onset: 8 years

Suzanne was eight years old when she had her stroke. After many tests, the team of doctors concluded that there was no specific cause, and they called it spontaneous.  Initially, Suzanne was undergoing speech, occupational, and physical therapy for three hours a day, five days a week. Suzanne was able to complete her education and is now a nineteen year old college student studying speech pathology.

When she was about thirteen years old, Suzanne attended Crawl Walk Run Jump therapy clinic (Clinton Township, MI) where she worked with Stephanie Serafimovski, a physical therapist. 

helped her improve her mobility. Suzanne is able to walk, run and regularly plays golf. She does still have a few minor issues with her gait, hiking her hip, rather than using her quads and bending her knee.

About 18 months ago Suzanne called in to Crawl Walk Run Jump clinic to offer to do volunteer work with their patients. A few days after volunteering, the clinic hired her as a technician where she continues to work.

The clinic has taken delivery of RT600, the partial body weight supported FES stepping therapy system. Suzanne was invited to use the system as part of the clinic training program. She leapt at the chance and was amazed at the result.

Suzanne was on RT600 for around 30 minutes, with only her left side receiving the functional electrical stimulation. “At first I was overwhelmed by all the stimulation on my muscles. It felt strange, but I grew used to it. I had previously only used FES on one muscle at a time, so this was a new sensation.”

“After the session was finished, I was told by the therapist to walk, I was amazed at how easy it was to walk and use my muscles correctly without having to think about it. I was amazed at the improvement from just one session. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who qualifies."

Suzanne is looking forward to her next opportunity to use RT600.