RT300 mobile

Injury level: C6-7 ASIA: C Cause: Spontaneous hematoma.
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COMING SOON - RT300 mobile for inside or outside use

RT300 mobile is powered by SAGE.
SAGE is our smart stimulation therapy system.

  • During a leg session, you can stimulate up to 12 muscle groups in one or both of your legs and your trunk
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RT300 mobile features:
  • Easy operation via hand grip throttle and rugged, compact SAGE remote control module
  • Powerful electric motor to supplement the power generated by your legs
  • GPS tracking
  • Large Lithium Ion battery to get you through your long outdoor session
  • Use inside with optional stationary bike trainer stand
  • Automatic electronic gears with three selectable cadences
  • Front disc brakes, rear parking brake
  • Heavy duty trike supports users up to 325lbs

  • We include all the essentials in our RT300 mobile packages along with 5 sets of electrodes
  • Training with our clinicians to help you get started at home
  • 2 year warranty
1. Not currently available in the USA.