Lauren Worsham

Indications discussed: SCI, orthopedic

Lauren describes her successes with RT300 via two case examples at University of Florida Health.

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Christy Brimmer

Indications discussed: brain injury

Christy discusses how RT300 is used with brain injury patients at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA.

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Dr Stephen Kanter

Indications discussed: Multiple Sclerosis

Dr Kanter discusses how RT300 FES therapy has benefited his Multiple Sclerosis patients.

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Stephanie Myers

Indications discussed: focus on stroke

Stephanie discusses how RT300 FES therapy has benefited her patients who have had a stroke at Avera McKenna in Souix Falls, SD.

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Lisa Brower

Indications discussed: Stroke, SCI, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis

Lisa describes how RT300 is a major component of her her rehabilitation program at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, Albuquerque, NM.

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David Brown

Indications discussed: SCI

David Brown discusses the role of RT300 at Samaritans Walk in Ashland, VA.

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Erica Dense

Indications discussed: TBI, SCI

Erica describes outcomes from RT300 FES for a number of her patients at the Lighthouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center, Kingsley, MI.

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