Ronak Bhalvani M.App.Sc (ExPhys), B.Physio   
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Walk On Perth, Western Australia

Walk On is one of the suite of programs that Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) provides to the spinal cord injured community.

SCIA is a not for profit (non profit) organization which has been assisting people with a spinal cord injury get back on track after injury since 1967.

Walk On is available in four states of Australia - Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Walk On’s mission is to provide intensive activity based rehabilitation for people with a spinal cord injury, to help them improve and maximize their functional ability, and lead a more independent life. The program commences after people have been discharged from hospital into the community.

We added RT600 to our RT300 FES cycle in January this year and we saw significant positive results.

RT600 has been well received by all of our clients who respond to electrical stimulation and we are already seeing positive outcomes. Benefits have included; increased girth in lower limbs with associated muscle bulk; enhanced blood flow; increased endurance in an upright position together with a greater awareness of bearing their own weight.

Each person was assessed on RT300 to gauge their response to electrical stimulation, and most were able to progress to RT600 after three to five RT300 sessions. A small number of clients reported feeling light headed during their first few sessions on the RT600, and therefore commenced with short durations.  However were able to improve their tolerance and increase time spent on the equipment relatively quickly. Many of our clients were able to progress to a 45 - 60 minute session and were able to increase their level of weight support.

Some of our clients report the benefits in terms of strength and endurance carry over to other activities in their day to day lives and help to improve their mobility.  All users talk of improved cardiac workout.

Clients also say they are pleased to be able to get a weight bearing workout without the undue strain on the therapists that occurs with other non-FES equipment.

I have no hesitation in recommending RT600 to any other clinic working to assist people with a spinal cord injury improve their functional ability and lead a more independent life.

Walk On Perth
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s Walk On Program is an individually designed intensive activity based rehabilitation program to assist a person with a spinal cord injury to improve and maximize their functional ability and lead a more independent life. The program involves intense, dynamic, weight-bearing exercises all performed out of the wheelchair one-on-one with a qualified Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist.  Walk On is a community based rehabilitation program available to people following their discharge from hospital.  Walk On clients regularly report significant functional improvements from their involvement in the program, which has led to a positive impact upon their quality of life.

Ronak Bhalvani
Ronak Bhalvani is an experienced Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and Masters in Exercise Physiology. He joined Walk on Perth in September 2011.

Walk on Perth