Referring a patient puts Restorative Therapies in contact with the patient or their family so that we can work together to secure a home therapy system.  Systems are funded through a wide variety of sources including but not limited to insurance reimbursement.  Please refer suitable patients so that they have the opportunity to obtain a system.

Referring a patient is quick and straightforward.

1. If the patient is like to want Restorative Therapies to open an insurance reimburse case we will need a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN).  You can download an LMN template from (FES@home page) or ask your representative for one.

2. We will also need a prescription for any system that includes FES. 
The prescription should state the name of the device being prescribed (e.g. "RT300-SLSA") or similar (e.g. "RT300 FES system for arms and legs").

Refer online

You can refer online by completing this form.
Please provide as much information as possible in the time you have available.
We will follow up to obtain anything else that we need!

Refer by fax or Email

You can also refer by faxing to 1-410 878-2466 or Emailing to
1. Letter of medical necessity (if the patient is likely to seek insurance reimbursement)
2. Prescription
3. Face sheet - so we have details about the patient