What post stroke survivors are saying

Restorative Therapies FES therapy can help you do more than you ever expected
Join over 17,000 individuals recovering from a stroke who are benefiting from using Restorative Therapies' systems at home and in over 500 clinic locations.

Our CVA patients have gone the equivalent of 890,000 miles during their therapy sessions.

RT300 FES arm system

Why DO Restorative Therapies FES therapy?
Restorative Therapies FES therapy allows your legs or arms to move against resistance (like going up a hill) even if your injury has made it difficult for you to move your arms or your legs. Restorative Therapies FES will stimulate the nerves that connect to your muscles so that they contract and work. 

Experience these Restorative Therapies FES therapy benefits:

  • Prevent or retard disuse atrophy
  • Relax your muscle spasms
  • Increase your local blood circulation
  • Maintain or increase your range of motion
Avera McKennan use RT300 to "jump start" the recovery process following a stroke Patients with a stroke benefit from using Restorative Therapies FES as part of their overall program. It is in patients with a stroke that we see the results faster. Using the RT300 appears to ‘jump start’ their recovery process, opening new pathways and accelerating their progress towards standing and walking.
Patients with a stroke report a range of benefits from their
Restorative Therapies FES therapy, including improved muscle tone, increased range of motion, fatigue from the cardio and resistance workout, and reduced muscles spasms during the night on the day of their workout. This gives patients hope and confidence with enhancing their commitment towards recovery.  
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Stroke patients benefit from RT300 at HealthSouth
Our RT300 has been a major component of our rehabilitation programs since its acquisition in 2011, and is used across all patient groups particularly stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury and multiple sclerosis.

All patients certainly benefit from the cardiovascular output, although we see greater evidence of progress in our stroke patients. The muscle activation helps with the neuroplasticity of the brain and we see that reflected in improvements in gait following a workout on RT300. Being able to apply stimulation to the upper body is also particularly important for stroke patients to prevent shoulder subluxation and aid in the recovery of the use of the arm.
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RT300 @home
Having your Restorative Therapies FES system at home gives you the independence to run your therapy sessions whenever you want, for as long as you need - built into your daily routine.

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Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a practitioner licensed by the law of the State in which he practices to use or order the use of this device.