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Spontaneous hematoma: C6-7
Patti was a competitive swimmer in her teens when she experienced problems with her spine, eventually classified as ASIA C after being diagnosed with spontaneous hematoma at C6-7.

Patti was introduced to the RT300 functional electrical stimulation during her rehabilitation at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD.  As an athlete she knew the importance of keeping her body as healthy as possible and in 2006 secured a home RT300 therapy system for herself.

Patti tells us that she is very strict with her physical therapy regime and uses the RT300 5 times a week for up to an hour each time. As she says, “I find it to be really good, it keeps me in shape and helps me when using the standing frame."

The sessions leave her tired, so Patti likes to use the RT300 at the end of the day, “I usually watch something on my computer, a movie or video as I go through a session, then I am ready to sleep.” “Spasms are not an issue for me, so I do not need to take any medication for that.”

Patti likes the portability of her RT300 taking with her when she visits her parents in Florida, that way she does not have to miss any sessions. As she says, “I really feel it when I have not used my RT300 for several days, that is why I am so strict with myself, I know the importance of keeping my body as healthy as possible.” "I noticed it helps my posture and keeps my body in good condition."

Patti was a scholarship recipient from Swim with Mike.  Patti recently completed her Masters Degree in Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and plans to have a career as a freelance artist specializing in surface design and illustrating children’s books. Her dream job would be illustrating for children’s books and magazines on a full time basis. In the meantime Patti is already applying her skills, designing and producing a line of scarves for sale.

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