Seeking results, driving change
Restorative Therapies works individually with clinics who share our goal of offering progressive, evidence-based and comprehensive neurological rehabilitation that incorporates FES Activity Based Therapies along the full continuum of patient care.

In today’s demanding healthcare environment, rehab clinics must increasingly perform with a high level of sophistication that goes beyond traditional paradigms. Stellar patient care requires a focused program that emphasizes efficiency, efficacy and a competitive advantage.

Clinics can reap benefits by working together with Restorative Therapies in a relationship that goes beyond the traditional purchaser / vendor relationship.  We want to develop deeper and more beneficial relationships to help you achieve your financial and quality patient care objectives.

Restorative Therapies offers you a very innovative partner with a track record of delivering technologically advanced, evidence-based high quality medical devices. We understand complex rehabilitation across the continuum of care and are committed to improving patient outcomes by investing strongly in R&D and clinical education. We seek to share our strengths with other organizations committed to excellence in healthcare.

Please contact us now to discuss how we can create a partnership that will benefit your clinic.

Here are some of the programs we have implemented which contribute to solid, mutually beneficial partnerships:

Improved efficiency and productivity

How a partnership can contribute

Training and education.

Your therapists need training and education if they are to optimize their time, patient outcomes and commitment to you.

Restorative Therapies will tailor an ongoing  training program to your specific needs that includes utilizing our Clinical Training Center,  providing clinician certification and onsite training by our clinical reps.

Attracting patients to your facility

As an RTI partner we will work with you to help ensure that you have the latest FES technology and help you promote your FES program. 

Enhance your reputation as a market leader

As an RTI partner you have the opportunity to be a site for the latest software and equipment, giving you important input into future FES technologies and driving patient outcomes.