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Help your friend or loved one make a change for the better

Numerous diseases, accidents, or conditions result in neurological impairment that is often accompanied by reduced activity level or immobility.  Among these are cerebral palsy (CP), multiple sclerosis (MS), spina bifida, traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA), spinal cord injury (SCI), and transverse myelitis (TM).

For your friend or loved one, the combination of a neurological impairment, decreased mobility and a gradual or sudden change in functional independence can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, helplessness or even depression and a loss of optimism about the future.  Those feelings can be shared by family and friends who watch the individual come to terms with major changes in health and lifestyle and particularly for those of you who personally assist in their care.

Make your friend or loved one's team bigger

You can help your friend or loved one do more than he or she - perhaps even you - thought possible. Your research here is a very important first step. 

Restorative Therapies is dedicated to helping individuals with neurological impairments achieve their full recovery potential. The Restorative Therapies FES powered systems are designed to help enhance muscle activity with effects including overall physical and mental health, self-perception, and quality of life as documented in the research.

These physical benefits of our FES systems will help your friend or loved one:

  • Reverse muscle atrophy
  • Improve local circulation
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce spasms

Restorative Therapies' line of medical devices provide your friend or loved one with many options for neurorehabilitation in the clinic and at home to maintain continuity of care. 
Our systems include our arm or leg therapy (RT300), our combination arm and leg therapy (RT200) that enables you to work arms and legs simultaneously, and the (RT600) stepping system that provides gradual support of body weight as it can be tolerated.

Hope and opportunity

Don’t let decreased physical activity due to neurological impairment prevent your friend or loved one from reaping the important benefits associated with consistent activity.

Encourage them to join the growing list of people whose lives have been positively changed with the help of Restorative Therapies.  Be inspired by some of their stories here.

People with a wide range of conditions are benefiting from our FES systems.

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