Lauren Worsham, PT, DPT
UF Health
Jacksonville, Florida

Tell us a bit about yourself and specifically about your background in Physical therapy and your current role
I am currently a staff physical therapist for the outpatient Rehab clinic for UF Health in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been in practice since 2010 when I graduated from the University of North Florida with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. My emphasis and clinic experience is mainly working with the orthopedic and chronic pain population. However, I work with a diverse group of clinicians. Some of which specialize in treating neurological disorders, which brought  RT300 into our clinic.

We understand that you have been using RT300 to help a patient with orthopedic issues in his neck and lower back. What can you tell us about this patient and the beneficial responses you have observed?
I began using RT300 approximately 6 weeks ago with a 65 year old male presenting with dramatic unilateral LE weakness after lumbar spine decompression. Functional loss for this patient includes inability to ambulate independently due to significant quadriceps atrophy as well as Gastrocnemius and hamstring muscle weakness. This patient has utilized RT300 approximately 8 treatments. In that time, I have observed improvement in his quad strength and transfer ability. We have recently started using RT300 for more functional weight bearing exercises such as standing terminal knee extension and standing hamstring curls.

We understand that you have also used RT300 with another orthopedic patient who had been shot. What can you tell us about this patient and the beneficial responses you have observed?
Another patient I have utilized RT300 with is an 18-year-old male who suffered a gunshot wound to the right thigh. This patient demonstrates a loss of quad, hamstring and gastrocnemius strength as well. He is independent with ambulation but, is lacking push off during gait and continues to demonstrate some compensatory movement patterns with functional movements and transfers. Since using RT300 his gait has improved with stronger and more consistent push off from the right leg.  He has been able to begin jogging recently.  He also has much improved quad strength and is able to perform a single leg squat on his right leg.

What specifically do these patients have to say about their use of RT300?
These patients both mention what they like most about utilizing  RT300 is they feel a strong muscle contraction. They really interpret this sensation to strength building in the weaker leg. The patient with the GSW has noticed an improvement in the way he is able to ambulation with less of a limp. The older gentleman also frequently comments that he feels his treatment with RT300 is the most effective treatment he receives in Physical Therapy.

Do you have any specific comments we can quote you on?
As a Physical Therapist working with the orthopedic population I feel RT300 can be an extremely beneficial tool. I see this as an instrument that can rapidly enhance strength gains, reduce time spent in therapy and allow patients to quickly return to their prior level of function. I can also see  RT300 utilized with an athletic population for which rapid outcomes are highly sought after and desired. The versatility of this equipment is endless and could positively change the practice of any Physical Therapist.