Restorative Therapies can help your child maintain or enhance muscle activity by inducing active muscle contractions. Stimulation of the nerves that excite the muscles is accomplished easily via patch electrodes that attach to the surface of your child’s skin much as Band-Aids do.

The patterned electrical stimulation delivered via these surface electrodes causes your child’s muscles to contract in exactly the rhythmic way required for arm or leg therapy.  This active therapy is in direct contrast to passive forms of therapy in which a therapist or therapeutic device mechanically moves your child’s limbs.

Your child’s arms or legs will move even if he/she has no volitional control.  The work done by the rhythmically contracting muscles is monitored, generating a power output across sessions and stored in a secure online database accessible to you with a unique code for your child.

This enables important positive feedback for you and your child much as with a runner who increases her duration and distance over time. You can even generate graphs with Restorative Therapies’ custom-made software to provide strong visual affirmation of strengthening muscles.

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