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Join the thousands of RT200 & RT300 patients BENEFITING FROM HAVING AN Restorative Therapies FES SYSTEM AT HOME.

Follow in the path of over 70,000 other Restorative Therapies FES patients; benefit from over 13 years of clinical and technical FES experience.

Home-based therapy is an important component of your continuum of care.  It helps you meet the need for regular therapy sessions that are critical for attaining the best outcomes.  The more therapy you can get the better your potential outcomes. (1)

Having your Restorative Therapies FES system at home gives you the independence to run your therapy sessions whenever you want.  No more transportation hassles. No more fitting into someone else's schedule.  And a Restorative Therapies FES system at home is one of the most comprehensive and progressive therapies that you can do at home.

Helping you obtain a Restorative Therapies FES system at home is a key part of our mission
We are here to help you achieve your maximum recovery potential. Build FES therapy into your routine at home. 
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Only Restorative Therapies helps you get you FES therapy at home by providing:
  • Affordable entry level home systems
  • Ongoing access to clinical support
  • Reimbursement processing
  • Assistance with other sources of funding
  • Financing programs
Most people have either an entry level RT300 FES system or an RT200 FES system at home:


Learn more about RT300
Learn more about RT200

Why our FES systems ideal for home

Easy to use
SAGE is our smart therapy controller. Our large touch-sensitive color display features big, easy-to operate buttons that make setting up fast and simple. In fact, you’ll be able to start your therapy session by just tapping GO.  At a glance you can evaluate your stimulation level, speed, distance, power, resistance, pulse rate, oxygen saturation and time remaining.

Your progress monitored online
You can monitor your progress on our RTILink.com web site or link to Strava and share your sessions with other FES users.

RTILink.com allows you or your clinician to optimize your results on the web or via the available weekly progress emails.

Software updates are automatically downloaded as part of our commitment to you.

Automatic progression of your therapy settings
SAGE automatically loads your therapy parameters and saves your results promoting safety and efficiency, and propelling you to a stronger performance. 

Your therapy parameters automatically advance as you reach new goals and continue to challenge you.

Transfer your clinic settings to your home system
Your clinician sets your therapy parameters and determines which of your muscles should be stimulated. SAGE then automatically syncs your clinic and home settings.

Contact our team of FES experts to help you achieve your goal of a home system

1. Jayme S. Knutson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio