Indication: SCI T5
Age at Onset: 36

The world for Andy Trollope turned upside down on the 27th of July 2008 when he crashed while competing at a British Championship Motocross round and was left completely paralyzed from the chest down. The technical term for his injury is T5 complete, no sensation or movement anywhere below the point of damage to the spinal cord. Andy was transferred to the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he underwent surgery to have his spine straightened and the shattered vertebra reconstructed.

“I was in the spinal unit at Stoke for four months of blood sweat and tears during my rehab and discharged on the 28th of November, a testament to the level of care and dedication of the staff that work there. I returned to my house in Salisbury, Wiltshire and found that my friends and family had rallied round and made all the adaptations needed for me to help cope with my new life in a wheel chair.”

“I also returned to work part time two weeks after being discharged at my garage, Brunel Motors in Salisbury, and tried to continue my job as a car and light commercial vehicle technician. It wasn’t easy and at times very frustrating but thanks to my great team of staff and fantastic family life was soon very close to being ‘normal’.”

“I was very soon missing the adrenalin rush that I used to get regularly from racing professional motocross. After trying all the usual disability sports there are, I booked my self on a skiing course organized by a fantastic charity for spinal cord injured people called the Back-Up Trust. I was hooked from the first day and I knew immediately that this was the sport for me.”

Andy has since added water skiing to his sporting accomplishments and hopes to become good enough to make it on to the GB team and have the honor of representing his country in either sport.

Andy is not letting his SCI stand in his way of living a full life, enjoying a full time occupation and engaging in high adrenalin sports, and he even found time to get married. He realized during his time in Stoke Mandeville that he needed his body to be as healthy as it could be in order to live as full a life as possible and continue to pursue his passion for competitive sports.

FES Powered Therapy

At the time of Andy’s rehabilitation Stoke Mandeville were still assessing the value of FES powered therapies for people with SCI, and were yet to adopt the therapy. Andy, as you might gather was not one to sit back and wait and, with the help of Stuart Dunne and Cyclone (Restorative Therapies UK Distributor), evaluated the RT300 and was immediately impressed with benefits it offered. Andy, being an athlete, still had good muscle tone and delighted in seeing his quads firing up, recognizing that with RT300 he could keep his leg muscle tone and still look good in shorts. 

Andy acquired his own RT300 one month after leaving Stoke Mandeville immediately incorporated it in his routine. He uses his RT300 2 to 3 times a week, after first standing for one hour, and works out at a gym 2 to 3 times a week. He attributes the RT300 to his lack of pressure sores, improved bone density and spasm management. Andy says RT300 therapy is the best way to manage spasms, and claims that a work out last thing at night gives him the best spasm free sleep. 


Always keen to volunteer to participate as a ‘patient’ when PTs are being trained with the RT300 systems, Andy stays up to date with the latest developments in the therapy.  This led Andy to take possession of an RT200, which he says gives him a more complete workout, with legs and arms fully engaged at the same. He likes the flexibility of the RT200 and uses channels to stimulate various muscle groups including erector spinae and abdominal muscles.

Andy believes this is the only piece of kit to provide such a complete cardiovascular workout, and recommends RT200 as the best all round option for staying in condition following a spinal cord injury. As Andy says, “It is an amazing piece of equipment!”

He also has nothing but praise for the ongoing service and support he gets from Stuart Dunne and the teams at Cyclone and Restorative Therapies. “They are fantastic! Stuart watches my progress on-line and always lets me know how to get the best out of my RT200. Great service.”

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