What people with CP are saying

FES therapy can help you do more than you ever expected
Join over 750 individuals with CP benefiting from using Restorative Therapies' systems in over 130 clinic locations.

Our CP riders have cycled the equivalent of 45,000 miles during their 12,000 therapy sessions!

RT300 FES arm cycling

Why DO FES cycling?
FES cycling allows you to leg or arm cycle against resistance (like riding up a hill) even if your injury has made it difficult for you to move your arms or your legs. FES will stimulate the nerves that connect to your muscles so that they contract and work.  Experience these benefits when you cycle with FES:
  • Relax your muscle spasms
  • Prevent or retard disuse atrophy
  • Increase your local blood circulation
  • Maintain or increase your range of motion
RT300 aids rehabilitation at Phoenix Children's hospital

The rehabilitation included a combination of manual stretches, therapeutic activities for facilitated weight bearing while supported by a harness and sessions on RT300 in an attempt to produce increased available range of motion and assess patient ability to create a power output.
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Restorative Therapies has worked with leading pediatric clinics to help ensure that the RT300 system can be used with children. The RT300 system is the only FES cycling system for children as young as four years old.
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Giant Steps program for teens and pre-teens with spastic cerebral palsy
The Giant Steps program included RT300 cycle...All children made significant gains in overall muscle strength and endurance.

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RT600 is our FES stepping system.

RT600 is available in many clinics.  Please contact us for more details.

RT300 @home
Having your FES system at home gives you the independence to run your therapy sessions whenever you want, for as long as you need - built into your daily routine.
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Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a practitioner licensed by the law of the State in which he practices to use or order the use of this device.