People with Cerebral Palsy

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Over 350 Cerebral Palsy patients using RT300

Restorative Therapies RT300 systems have been used by 350 people with Cerebral Palsy in 82 locations across the US. Many more CP patients use RT300 in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

There have been 5,700 therapy sessions by people with CP, and they have cycled the equivalent of 23,000 miles.

Read how people benefited from the therapy sessions.


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Ilana Gutman
Cerebal Palsy

"Ilana’s progress has been tremendous since she began using the cycle. She’s gained over 200% strength in certain muscle groups. She went from being able to walk 3 steps to walking 40 feet in a prone walker (with assist due to other motor issues).

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Philip Dao
Cerebral Palsy

“We’ve seen constant improvement. At first it was very hard. But now he does a 45-minute session. He can pedal at a higher resistance for longer.  With the FES he’s walking even better, because it increases his muscle strength and that gives him more stability and endurance. I see the progress in his balance. The exercise improves his muscle strength and tone."

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Restorative Therapies has worked with leading pediatric clinics to help ensure that the RT300 system can be used with children. The RT300 system is the only FES cycling system for children as young as four years old.

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CP References

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Giant Steps "program for teens and pre-teens with spastic cerebral palsy...included RT300 cycle...All children made significant gains in overall muscle strength and endurance"
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